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High-quality two-way radios and other wireless devices are required for communication to be clear and free of noise. When you need two-way radios or other wireless products in Houston for industrial or commercial purposes, trust Tower Communications Ltd. We carry in stock or can order in all the brands you are looking for, including:


If you require portables, mobiles, repeaters, or base stations, Tower Communications Ltd is here to provide them all. We can offer you the latest models used in two-way wireless radio communication. If there is any specific requirement for your radios or communication system, we can provide it for you as well.

We also provide two-way radios as rentals. From 1-1000 radios, we have it all. Renting radios and repeaters is not only cost-effective but also keeps you free from maintenance and repair worries.



Do your radios lack the required range for your communication needs? Utilizing repeaters can help increase your communication coverage area. We provide repeaters on sale as well as rentals. We carry both permanent and temporary repeaters.

Permanent repeaters have no adverse effect on the local wildlife or the environment. The maintenance required for this repeater is also minimal.

We can help you plan out what is required in order to provide communications between all your site locations. Our temporary repeaters are compact and can fit into the back of a helicopter if necessary, which allows you to take full advantage of repeater coverage possibilities.


Satellite communication devices

If you are in a remote area where line communication is not possible, satellite communication comes to picture. We have satellite phones, tracking/texting devices, and satellite internet along with the provisions you require for your communication. So if you are planning for a far-away camp, get in touch with us. We provide cost-effective VoIP phones, wireless internet, and handheld satellite phones for logging, mining, and tourism industries.

We also provide satellite communication devices on rental. Contact us for details.


PELTOR™ Safety

We have a full range of hearing protection products from PELTOR™. These devices have integrated two-way radio headsets which are ideal to be used in high-noise environments. Moreover, these products are also comfortable to wear and simple to operate along with providing various other features to improve the efficiency of the workplace.

neck band

Neckband with Boom Mic

  • Noise attenuating headset
  • Dynamic 220 ohm noise cancelling boom microphone
  • Earphones 2x220 ohms wired parallel (110)
  • NRR 26 dB
  • Requires in-line PTT cable


We have marine radios in stock as well. We carry Cobra VFH marine radios. But we can provide you with any specific brand or model of marine radio you are looking for. Our team can also install the devices on your boat irrespective of the kind of boat you own. We have 5 ft and 8 ft antennas to support the radio systems.

 MR F55B 25 Watt Fixed Mount VHF, Black

MR F45

This unit has features usually reserved for more costly VHF radio units including dual watch, dot matrix display area, an adjustable backlight, and function keys on the mic.

The Cobra MR F55 is a full-function DSC-capable VHF radio. Its compact design and included flush and bracket mounting kits make it great for any installation. The selectable 1 or 25 Watt output is perfect for short or long-range communication. These units are part of Cobra’s Professional Series VHF line and include a three-year warranty.

MR F45- 25 Watt Fixed Mount VHF, White

MR F55B 25 watt

The Cobra MR F45 is a full-function DSC-capable VHF radio. The selectable 1 or 25 Watt output is perfect for short or long-range communication. This unit has features usually reserved for more costly VHF radio units including Dual Watch, Dot Matrix Display Area, an adjustable backlight, and function keys on the mic.

If you require any additional job done relating to communication systems, you can call our trained staff for help. We will be at your service.


Whelen® Light bars

If you require custom light bars for your forklifts, fire trucks, tow trucks, construction trucks, airport equipment or more, we can help you. We carry light bars from Whelen®, one of the leading suppliers of vehicle lighting and sirens.

Are you worried about the kind of equipment you need to install on your vehicle? Our experienced staff can help. We can install complicated wiring on your vehicle for installing your light bars and other devices from Whelen®.


For further information on our wireless products, don’t hesitate to call us .

Wireless Communication Products

Contact us for repeaters, VHF radios, light bars, satellite devices and more.

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